hi! my name is amber lapp. i'm a polymer clay artist, jewelry designer, and the owner of all along.¬†ūüôā¬†

i began experimenting with clay in 2020 with two goals in mind: make myself some cute earrings and stay occupied during lockdown. a google search led me to an online community of makers and small business owners who exchanged tips and encouraged one another. with their support, a lot of practice, and a few different earring styles, i opened all along on february 1, 2021!

while i've gained a following for my food earrings, i don't let one single theme define my work. i love using bright colors, fun shapes, and bold patterns. i find inspiration in the joyful simplicity of the '90s, outer space, nature, and everything in between.

when i'm not covered in clay, you can find me attempting to watch every documentary ever made, hanging out with my cat, or at a dive bar playing board games with my boyfriend.